Discover Sarajevo (EUR18 - EUR25)

Sarajevo Intro Tour (Price: EUR18, Duration: 1 Hour 30 min)
This Tour will allow you to sense the unique spiritual ambience that has always mark Sarajevo. With the walk through the soul of Sarajevo you will feel like you have entered a special place underneath the sky preserved for people with love in their hearts.


Sarajevo Grand city Tour(Price: EUR18, Duration: 1 Hour 30 min)
This is a tour that unites East and West and over 500 hundred years of Sarajevo existence – the Tour which goes all the way to modern history. It takes you to major sights and monument of whom some describe the history of the world itself.

Time of Missfortune(Price: EUR28, Duration: 2 Hour 30 min)
This Tour tells you the story of Sarajevo citizens and their heroic struggle to survive 1400 days of “hell” brought to the face of Earth. The tour takes you to Sarajevo War tunnel and tells you the story of the only light in the time of darkness.


Airport- sarajevo(Price: EUR27, Duration: 30 min-1 Hour)
You always feel lost when landing at a new airport? Then you might want someone to pick you up and accompany you to the City. Why Two In One? Well because you can feel relaxed and plus have a car tour with our guides.

Sarajevo Pilgrimage Tour (Price: EUR22, Duration: 2Hour 30 min)

If You have never realized completely how it is possible to create a world in which all the best of Islam and Christianity is composed in one, then You should chose this tour


Sarajevo Jewish Tour (Price: EUR32, Duration: 2 Hour 30 min)

The story about our Jewish neighbors, friendship, togetherness and cruel history of World War Two.

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