Bosnia and Herzegovina represents an interesting tourist destination. It is a result of its geographic location, extreme natural beauties, cultural and historical values and mild climate conditions.

Through the centuries, different cultures, religions and traditions have mixed within this region giving added value to the creation of a specific tourist product.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has natural possibilities for different tourism segments development such as:
Mountain: Olympic mountains Bjelasnica, Igman and Vlasic near Travnik are great resources for winter tourism and development of sport activities

Spa: spa Ilidza near Sarajevo, the spas in Fojnica, Kiseljak, Tuzla, Olovo present the richness of thermal sources of radio active and mineral water that in early historical period were subject to exploitation for medical purposes

Maritime: Neum with 270 sunny days a year is the Bosnia and Herzegovina access to the Adriatic Sea that with its surrounding (Mostar, Ston bay, Hutovo blato) offers unique chances for rest and recreation

Religious: Medugorje has upon the appearance of Virgin Mary became a modern center of religious tourism with constructed capacities, infrastructure and other possibilities; Prusac, Jajce, and other sacral and cultural monuments of four religions existing within this region in perfect harmony during the centuries (Islam, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism), make the Federation extremely interesting destination

Hunting and fishing: preserved nature, richness of rivers and lakes, different sorts of game, represent tourism attraction
Many of the Bosnia and Herzegovina valuable natural wealth remained preserved. Those are canyons of the rivers Rakitnica and Krusnica, birds reservation Hutovo blato, lakes like Prokosko and Boracko, waterfalls Kravice and Skakavac, the Una river with its cascades, upper flow of the Neretva river, the Buna spring.


Bosnian Folk Dress

Blidinje Lake

By Karlo

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  • Country name
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Location
    Southeast Europe, borders with Croatia (232km), Serbia (312km) and Montenegro (215km)
  • Land area 51,129km2
    Language Bosnian
  • Population 4.2 million
  • Religion
    Muslim (51%), Orthodox Christian (29%), Roman Catholic (13%), Others (7%)
  • Capital Sarajevo (population 595,000)
  • Other major cities
    Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar, Bihac
  • Highest point
    Maglic Mountain 2,386 m
  • Time
    CET (GMT + 1 hour)
  • Currency
    KM (convertible mark)
  • International
    telephone code




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